Department of Veterinary Reproduction and Artificial Insemination

General Description

Artificial insemination is the technique of sperm collection from a male and manually transfer them into the reproductive section of a female. Some benefits from the use of artificial insemination are genetic selection opportunity, increased reproduction rate and reduced disease transmission.

Animal examination rooms and a research laboratory are located in our department. Practical courses for students are given in our department as well as in near slaughterhouses and farms in the region. Following devices are in our laboratory; ice cabinet, liquid nitrogen containers, decongelator, deep freezer, incubator, precision scales, heating plate, dry air sterilizer, magnetic mixer, phase-contrast microscope with heating table attachment, pH Meter, stereomicroscope, water bath, artificial vagina and artificial insemination equipments, trinocular light microscope with fluorescent attachment.

Research Interests

Following topics are our research interest fields; andrological examination, biological mechanism of reproduction, fertility and infertility, artificial insemination methods in domestic animals , embryo transfer and other reproductive technologies, in vivo and in vitro fertilization, testicular ischemia-reperfusion injury, cryopreservation and cryoprotectants, reproductive physiology and endocrinology, reproductive hormones, oestrus synchronisation.

Department of Veterinary Reproduction and Artificial Insemination Staff