Department of Veterinary Virology

General Description

Virology is the science dealing with the study of viruses and the diseases caused by them. Our research focuses on the diagnosis, epidemiology and pathogenesis of viral infections in animals. Our laboratories have modern equipment and nearly all serological studies can be performed.

Research Interests

Viruses that cause respiratory, digestive and genital system infections constitute preliminary working areas of ours and we use cell culture, as a gold standard, for virus isolation and identification to help against viruses on these diseases. Several cell lines stored in our laboratory and primary cell culture can be done when needed. Viral pathogenesis studies which include cell-virus interactions, cytotoxicity experiments, serological test (ELISA, neutralisation, agarose gel immunodiffusion, immunofluorescence etc.) and molecular techniques (PCR) are some of our area of interest.

Department of Veterinary Virology Staff