Department of Veterinary Anatomy

General Description

Veterinary anatomy is a branch of science concerned with the bodily structure of animals. To perform surgical operations or medical treatment or even in animal husbandry field, it is essential to understand the anatomy of animals. In light of this information, our main principal is to make students learn and understand the anatomical structures of domestic mammals and poultry animals comparatively and to train veterinarians with sufficient anatomy knowledge.

Dissecting room, cadaver preparation room, cold storage room, cadaver preparation, bone maceration room and research laboratory is present in our department. A stereo microscope attached with digital camera is used for subgross studies.

We use systematic and topographic methods in anatomy courses. Anatomy-I course is given in 1st semester and is aimed to teach fundamental anatomical terminology, locomotor system and nervous system. Anatomy-II course is given in 2nd semester and is aimed to teach the shape, structure, normal position of internal organs and relationship between them, morphological features of circulatory system organs and sense organs. Entire body is examined and students gain basic anatomical understanding for clinical interventions in the Topographic Anatomy course, which was given in the 5th semester.

Research Interests

We have been working on the anatomies of laboratory and wild animals, teratology, anatomical changes from embryo to adult and racial differences between species. For this purpose, techniques such as corrosion cast, lymphography, angiography, arthrography is being used.

Department of Veterinary Anatomy Staff