Department of Veterinary Biochemistry

General Description

Biochemistry is a branch of biological sciences concerned with the chemical and physico-chemical processes and substances which occur within living organisms. We aim to provide basic and clinical biochemistry knowledge to veterinary candidates by following the latest developments in science and technology and contribute them to be prepared for further clinical veterinary sciences. We also provide routine clinical biochemistry laboratory services and to search for solutions of livestock problems in the region. There is a practice laboratory for students and a research laboratory present in our department.

Biochemistry-I (1st semester), Biochemistry-II (2nd semester), Clinical Biochemistry and Haemotology (9th semester) and Diagnostic Laboratory Methods (10th semester) courses are given to undergraduate students.

Research Interests

Antioxidative metabolism, acute phase proteins, neurosteroids, biochemistry of nervous system, glycoproteins, electrophoretic analysis, western blot studies, biochemistry of bees, biochemistry analysis of honey, heavy metal analysis are some of our research topics.

Department of Veterinary Biochemistry Staff