Department of Veterinary Food Hygiene and Technology

General Description

Food Hygiene and Technology is a branch of science that deals with preparation, preservation, storage, microbiological analysis and other process related to production process of animal products and manages food safety.

Following courses are given to undergraduate students: "Food Hygiene", "Meat Hygiene and Examination", "Meat Science and Technology", "Milk Hygiene", "Milk Science and Technology", "Food Chemistry and Public Health". Practical courses are run throughout the year as we have agreement with some slaughterhouses in region.

We can provide support to research laboratories belongs to Public and Private Sector in Food Business when needed and all enterprises related to food industry are provided with counseling, HACCP training and other seminars, courses, training activities if requested. We also inform the public about the issues that arise due to food consumption and which are of concern to the public health.

Our laboratories are listed below:
1. Microbiology Laboratory
2. PCR (molecular microbiology) Laboratory
3. Chemistry and Toxicology Laboratory

Research Interests

Conformity assessment of bakery products (pasta, cake, bread etc.) and animal products to Turkish Food Codex and Laws, microbiological-chemical-physical-organoleptic analysis and quality control, heavy metal analysis, hormon analysis, histological examination of meat and pecies identification and animal authentication in meat products.

Department of Veterinary Food Hygiene and Technology Staff