About us

Who are we?

Ondokuz Mayıs University's Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is a renowned educational establishment with a storied legacy and an eminent team of educators. Our foremost goal is to cultivate proficient veterinarians equipped with the expertise and acumen to thrive within their vocation.

Our Qualifications and Academic Vision

Our Faculty received educational accreditation, and is one of the top five preferred among veterinary faculties in Türkiye. Faculty members are always at the forefront of new developments and finding creative solutions. With a strong focus on excellence, our aim is to nurture a new generation of veterinarians who have the same expertise and dedication.

We firmly believe in the transformative power of research and development projects that contribute to the advancement of our nation. We are proud to conduct innovative studies, encouraging creativity and providing environmentally conscious services that adapt to society's changing needs.

Animal Hospital cares over 20,000 animals in each year. Facilities consist of four modern operating rooms, two radiology units, six patient care rooms, small animal vaccination rooms, six isolation units, two wild animal rehabilitation departments, nine intensive care units, two endoscopy units, and two ultrasound units. These resources allow us to offer comprehensive and up-to-date healthcare services. Additionally, our routine biochemistry labs support crucial diagnostic analyses.

We deeply value our achievements and stay devoted to serving both our community and the veterinary field. Collectively, we work towards a brighter future for animal welfare and the progress of veterinary medicine

What Are Our Programs and Job Opportunities?

We prioritize fostering a global perspective and offering valuable experiences for our students by providing national/international exchange and cooperation programs like Erasmus, Farabi, and Mevlana. Through these efforts, our students can widen their perspectives and enhance their education by studying in countries and institutions our university has partnerships with. Upon graduation, our students have the skills they need to succeed as veterinarians in public and private sectors

In What Ways Do We Support the Professional, Cultural, and Social Atmosphere?

Our Faculty places a strong emphasis on fostering student professional development, actively promoting engagement with livestock operations and providing round-the-clock assistance to local livestock owners and pet owners. We have established protocols with municipalities to ensure comprehensive services are available throughout the region, contributing significantly to the advancement of livestock activities. Through business visits and collaborations with breeders' associations, we continuously strive to enhance the livestock sector in our region.

We recognize the importance of student communities in facilitating cultural and social development. Within the Directorate of Health, Culture, and Sports at our university, two types of community structures exist: professional communities, specific to each faculty, and social communities, which are more diverse. Our students have actively participated in a wide array of community activities and organizations, showcasing their commitment to personal growth and community engagement. Furthermore, our university provides the institutional foundation necessary to support the cultural development of our students, offering social communities in 93 sectors, including areas such as chess, cycling, and beyond.

By nurturing a supportive environment that encourages student involvement and engagement, we ensure holistic development and growth, both personally and professionally. Our Faculty remains committed to empowering our students to make meaningful contributions to their communities and to thrive in their chosen fields.