Deparment of Wild Animal Diseases

General Description

The Department of Wild Animal Diseases was established on April 20, 2021, with Prof. Dr. H. Ozlem Nisbet as the head of the department. It is located in the Animal Hospital of Ondokuz Mayis University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. 

Today, Türkiye has a diverse wildlife population, including 120 mammals, 465 birds, 130 reptiles, and up to 400 fish species. The Kızılrmak Delta in Samsun province, designated as a "Ramsar Area" in 1998, is the only wetland territory in the Black Sea region with the designation of "an area of international importance." Approximately 350 bird species have been identified in the delta to date. Our clinics treat many injured, sick, or wild animals in need of care because of the size of the wild animal population. Because of the increased potential for wild animal patients and the need for Veterinarians with experience in wild animal medicine across the country, it was decided to establish " The Department of Wild Animal Diseases" within our faculty.

Research Interest

Our department treats surgical, internal, obstetric, and zoonotic diseases in wild animals and is interested in wildlife conservation, development, and improvement. Our department also aims to train veterinarians with the above-mentioned practices.

Our department offers a training program to support students' understanding of science as well as their ability to conduct independent research in a particular area and expand their knowledge of understanding wild animals.


Prof. Dr. H. Özlem Nisbet
Araş. Gör. Can Nacar