Department of Animal Nutrition and Nutritional Diseases

General Description

Animal Nutrition and Nutritional Diseases science concerns with the animal feeding, rations, nutritional diseases and aims to reach desirable levels of economic productivity in husbandry.
Feeding programs according to the physiological periods of animals (especially livestock), teaching of different animal feed, ration arrangement, energy-protein evaluation methods and Wendee analysis system are some of the courses given by our Department to students.
Our laboratories have enough equipment, device and resources that undergraduate education requires. Precision scales, distilled water machine, pH meter, cellulose-ADF-NDF measurement device, water bath, incubator, kjeldhal system, muffle furnace, homogenizator, soxhlet extractor, gas chromatograph, kinetic UV-vis spectrometer located in our laboratory for scientific studies.

With the idea that economic development can not be achieved without rural development; graduate veterinarians and local farmers are supported by our staff in all kinds of issues related to the development of regional animal husbandry and the problems related to animal feeding.

Research Interests

Our area of interests;
Ruminant, Horse, Poultry and Pet animals and Fish nutrition.
Feed Assesment Systems.
Feed Elements.

Department of Veterinary Animal Nutrition and Nutritional Diseases Staff